5 Pregnancy Apps to Keep Track Of Your Growing Baby


While the latest technology is leaving its stamps on every sector, no field has been affected more than the healthcare industry. Doctors, patients and technicians are all contributing to the discovery of new and effective ways to monitor personal healthcare. Tasks like tracking daily sleep patterns, counting calories, research treatment options and even monitoring your heart rate have become easier due to the development of nifty gadgets and smartphone apps.


Pregnancy is a phase that requires constant monitoring of the health of both the mother and the baby. The apps listed below do all that seamlessly:


1) Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro (iOS and Android):


Although it has “pro” in the name, Baby Bump is a free app having numerous functionalities.

It is a comprehensive pregnancy app that keeps soon-to-be moms informed about their pregnancy progress.


Its features include-

  • a journal to outline your daily symptoms, moods and thoughts.

  • a kick counter and contraction timer to track your baby’s shenanigans.

  • a baby naming function that allows you to search by sound, origin, meaning, or gender.

  • a section where you can play a vaginal birth video to help you prepare mentally for pregnancy.


It’s a must-have app if you are enthusiastic about tracking your entire pregnancy and want to stay informed.


2) WebMD (iOS)


Most of the medical information present online related to pregnancy is usually not recommended. It’s because the Internet is a plethora of misleading information and you may end up reading about some rare conditions that might not even apply to you.


On the other hand, WebMD contains information drawn from actual doctors. It features articles that are both well cited from reliable medical origins and reviewed by licensed medical practitioners.


The main attraction of this app is the Pregnancy 101 section. Here, you can learn everything about you and your baby and take important notes regarding illness, exercise, nutrition, and health & safety.


3) MommyMeds


It’s a useful app based on the research of Thomas Hale, Ph.D., a leading expert in the field of perinatal pharmacology and the use of medication. This app allows expecting moms to search by the name or scan barcodes of prescribed medication and over-the-counter drugs. MommyMeds is an easier way to find out whether certain medications are safe or not while expecting. The information available on this app has been compiled as a result of the rigorous research, studies, and experience of the InfantRisk Center.


The objective of MommyMeds app is to provide up-to-date, evidence-based information regarding the use of medication. Not only this, it can make you aware about the effects of some disease conditions during pregnancy and breastfeeding as well.


4) Prenatal Pilates By Blue Sparrow


It’s known for its great visuals and commands that help you stay in shape during pregnancy. The exercises on this app are designed to fit for every stage of the pregnancy, by taking into consideration the posture changes and body alignment. You can find the right workout based on your body parts and fitness level. In addition to this, you can also keep track of your weight and stamina and listen to guided instructions.


5) Ovia Pregnancy Tracker


It’s a companion of the Ovia Fertility app that comes with numerous useful pregnancy tools that you can personalize accordingly. It has a development calendar and symptom tracker that tells us the preferred steps to take at different stages of pregnancy. Your sleep, exercise, mood and blood pressure can all be tracked easily. The most intriguing feature of the app is its categorized notebook where you can record questions for your doctor, shopping list, cravings and more.


Moms-to-be should always keep in mind, as good as these pregnancy apps are for keeping track of body changes and connecting with others, they are not substitutes for professional advice from your doctor. If you have health concerns, always consult your doctor. And keep following your doctor’s appointments as per the routine.