Best Tips to Overcome Mood Swings During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings happiness and excitement for everyone around you, but it can also be the time of challenges and concerns for a pregnant woman. Factors like anxiety, relationship woes, job demand, hormone fluctuations, etc. create troubles for a woman during all these nine months, leading to constant mood swings.

However, as an expectant mother, it’s important to keep your anxiety levels to a minimum. The chronic stress created due to the anxiety not only put harmful effects on you but also the life evolving inside you. High levels of chronic stress can increase the risk of delivering the baby before the due date along with a low birth weight and hampered cognitive skills.  

So, if you are suffering from sadness and long-standing anxiety causing you mood swings, reach out to a professional doctor. But if you experience short-term moments of unhappiness, use following tips to help reduce the negativity and increase positivity inside you.


This may sound cliche, but meditation can do wonders. It can help you calm down and get through the stressful stages of pregnancy.

Doing regular meditation directly affects your diet. The body stops craving for junk food. And as the awareness dawns, you start to make healthier food choices vital for the proper nourishment of the baby. Not only this, it also helps decrease the pressure on the spinal cord and makes you feel more comfortable during the last stage of your pregnancy.

Laugh Often:

When you laugh often, the stress hormones go down and the endorphins, the feel-good hormones, come up. The endorphins temporarily suspend pain and create an overall sense of happiness. In addition to this, laughter also relaxes the muscles and helps you feel more optimistic and elated.

Thus, bring more laughter into your life. Invite your friends to a dinner and spend some quality time with them. Talk to them about the funniest and embarrassing moments you had after getting pregnant. Indeed, instead of pondering over what’s bothering you, try to find humor in situations.

Listen Music:

Studies conducted in the past validate that soulful and soothing music contains healing capabilities and help us de-stress, relax and change our mood for the better.

On the other hand, studies say that unborn babies who are exposed to the music while in the womb, show significant improvement in their overall health. They have better mental, cognitive, behavioral, psychological and emotional development as compared to those babies who have never been exposed to any music while being the womb.

Exercise Everyday:

Sticking to a daily exercise plan is the best thing you can do to keep yourself healthy and energetic. It’s perfectly safe to exercise during pregnancy. If you haven’t exercised before, this is the right to time to start.

Swimming is also ideal in such situations. You can join an aqua natal class running at your local pool. As a matter of fact, you are entitled to paid time off work to attend pregnancy related classes.

If you are a working woman, try to include exercise in your daily routine. At work, don’t sit for too long, get up and walk around often. Go out at lunchtime to get some fresh air, even if it’s for 10-15 minutes.

Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices:

A complete pregnancy diet plan is a must for pregnant women. Increase your daily intake of carbohydrates and proteins, recommended food like green leafy vegetables, fortified whole grain bread and nuts. Keep having salads and fresh fruits in between your meals. Refrain from unfavorable habits like smoking and drinking as well. And do not miss your exercise regime as this helps in managing your anger and make you feel fresh.

In Conclusion:

The above-mentioned tips can effectively reduce mood swings during pregnancy as these are mostly natural remedies and do not need any type of medication. However, if the mood swings persist for more than two weeks, meet your practitioner. You may be suffering from depression that needs proper care and immediate attention.