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Experience the Advancements in Sonography


It’s beautiful and endearing to see a baby inside a mother. Thanks to the evolutionary technologies happening in the medical sphere, we can now see a baby inside the womb of a mother with the help of modern sonograpgy. This allows the couples expecting a baby to see whether the baby is safe inside or not. Sonography is used during pregnancy to check a baby’s development and help pick up any abnormalities. However, this technology has reached to the next level and now it offers some exciting features for the parents as well.


Imagination Turns into a Beautiful Virtual Story:

Now you can turn an ordinary ultrasound imagery into an unforgettable movie. A movie that stars your unborn baby, that you can play as many times as you want.

To put simply, an online video editing engine takes the video and images from a pregnancy examination. It further organizes them automatically into a mini video. This movie contains various baby-themed transitions and effects along with some music. 

Resultantly, a family’s story is illustrated in the form of a meaningful and beautiful video. It makes the special moments even more special. Besides, you can post HD quality videos with “baby” and “family themes” on social media. You can stream it on your home TV to share and enjoy such special moments with your loved ones.


Watch the Baby Live:

Being able to watch your baby’s sonogram live is amazing. Advancements in technologies now let you share your sonogram test with your friends, family and loved ones. Live sonogram streaming allows you to share videos to those living overseas.

Here are some benefits of using Live Streaming for sonography:

1- Arrange the live broadcast when you have appointments.

2- Mom invites family & friends to share this adorable moment.

3- Broadcasting of the ultrasound session to a browser, mobile phone or cast to a TV

4- Streamed broadcast is saved to their account, for future access.


On-demand Services for Expecting Couples:

One would imagine what On-demand services have to do with pregnancy?

They offer you the ability to share the priceless moments like your baby’s stretch, yawn and also, smile.

Easy upload technology in apps like Babyflix enable you to save the images you want and matter you the most. These apps let you control access to those images. Such apps have all the perks of social media along with a parental-controlled filter. You just simply need to set up an account. Further, you can edit or make changes, create short videos or add the kind of music you like.


Ultrasound Delivered to your Mobile:

This is a simple process in which your provider, i.e, the imaging clinic, OBGYN or Clinicians, creates and uploads the imageries from a pre-pregnancy examination DVD. Further, the imagery will be automatically seen in your mobile app gallery when you login into your account.


In Summary:

Aforementioned services allow clinicians and imaging centres to offer more than printed thermal images and DVDs to parents. This advancement in technology has further added happiness and excitement in the lives of expecting couples.

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