Everything About The Second Trimester of Pregnancy


The second trimester of your pregnancy is the time to think about taking maternity leave and deciding the place you'd want to give birth. Hopefully, by the time you reach this stage, all your troubling symptoms like nausea and morning sickness will be fading. You will start to feel healthier and energetic.


Here's a list to help you keep track of what will happen during your second trimester. You can tick off each point on the list, or use it as a guide. Do whatever feels fine to you.


The Second Trimester:


The second trimester of pregnancy occurs from week 13 to week 28, approximately the fourth, fifth and sixth months of your pregnancy. This is the time when you feel more relaxed and calm. Not only this, as you undergo the second trimester, you'll start to see your 'bump' growing and feel your baby moving inside you.


Week Fourteen:


At this stage, your baby is 4 inches long. All his nerves, organs, and muscles start functioning. Your mood will lighten up. Despite that, regular exercise is a must at this time.    


Week Fifteen:


You'll probably feel elated, though, keep an eye out for transformations in your appearance. Your baby's nose, lips, and taste buds will start forming. Fine, soft hair will start growing on your baby's head.


Week Sixteen:


Around this time you can even feel your baby's movements. You may feel your baby's grabbing and pulling the umbilical cord. The circulatory system and urinary tract of your baby will be fully working. He will be inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid through his lungs.


Week Seventeen:


By placing a stethoscope on your stomach, you'll be able to hear your baby's heartbeat. Your growing uterus has shifted. So, consider wearing low heeled shoes at this stage.


Week Eighteen:


Your baby is fully active. He is now able to grip things. If you are expecting a baby girl, she might already have started developing eggs in her ovaries.


Week Nineteen:

You have undergone halfway through your pregnancy! Your fetus will measure around 6 inches by this time. The skin of your baby is losing its translucent appearance and beginning to produce pigment, which will ascertain the skin tone of your child.


Week Twenty:


At this week, your baby will be swallowing, which is helpful in digestion. Additionally, you can join a good childbirth education class to help make your pregnancy smoother.


Week Twenty-one:


The fetus will weigh around 360 grams. Your baby now has fully grown eyebrow and eyelids. At this stage, your baby can hear everything. If you want, this is the perfect time to sing or read to your baby.  


Week Twenty-two:


The baby has grown about 27 centimeters from crown to heel.


Week Twenty-three:


The baby is now able to hear properly. He can identify your voice. He can even hear your heartbeats as well as rumbles in your stomach. You might feel moody during this time. You may even have to deal with bleeding gums while brushing.


Week Twenty-four:


Your baby's brain is developing rapidly. And this is the time for you to deal with stretch marks. You may notice red or brown streaks on your abdomen and hips. Also, your eyes will get dry, use some mild eye drops.


Week Twenty-five:


By this week, the baby will become more responsive to touch. Get all your tests done as gestational diabetes is often occur during this period.


Week Twenty-six:


Your baby can respond to every sound he hears. Since your baby is growing rapidly, the development of his brain is also intense at this point.  Thus, start eating healthy. Consume foods with more nutrients and vitamins.