Here's How Gadgets Can Enrich Your Pregnancy Experience


Pregnancy can be an unsettling experience for some parents. But the arrival of the latest technologies and gadgets are making pregnancy incredibly easier than before. These consumer gadgets are helping parents from pregnancy to conception and beyond.


Ranging from baby health monitors to advancements in ultrasound, now advancements in technology can provide parents with a bunch of detailed information such as how is their baby growing inside the womb?

Enhance your pregnancy experience with these Prenatal Gadgets:

Ultra Stan:

Ultrasound scanning has been developing rapidly over the past few years. Hospitals can provide detailed scans of the baby inside the womb. While imaging and maternity clinics now offer the opportunity to store 3D stills and 4D moving images of an ultrasound scan report on a CD. This technology promises to go even further and lets you experience some defining moments of your baby.

With Ultra Stan, you can hear and see your baby inside the womb wherever and whenever you want. Simply link this ultrasound pregnancy scanner with a supported smartphone app and enable audio or video recording of the baby inside you.

Baby Buds for Baby Bump:

Currently, there is no definite conclusion whether playing music or another type of sounds put profound effects on the baby’s development or not. But, there are a growing number of such gadgets in the market serving the purpose. Gadgets like Baby Buds allow pregnant moms to play voice recordings or soothing music to their baby. Just place the discrete Baby Buds system to the belly, and let your baby listen to peaceful music.

Shell by BellaBeat:

With devices like Shell by BellaBeat, parents can listen to their baby’s heartbeats from the comfort of their home. This gadget makes pregnancy more cherishing for those listening to it by omitting the inside noise and amplifying the sound of the baby in-utero. Additionally, it even enables you to record and share your baby’s heartbeats with your family and friends.


QardioBase Wireless Smart Scale

It’s a stylish body analyzer that keeps track of your body’s health and progress as the baby develops inside you. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices and easily pairable with the Qardio app installed on the smartphone. Pregnant moms can view their body data and share it with chosen contacts including their doctor.


Meanwhile, its scales can be programmed to measure the BMI and weight of multiple users, so that other users can also make use of its specific settings.

The Pinard Stethoscope:

The Pinard stethoscope is another heartbeat audio device that is traditionally used by midwives to listen to a baby’s heartbeat. It takes a while to detect the fetal heart rate, but when it differentiates the heartbeat of your baby from yours, it’s fun to listen to it. This is a handy and inexpensive gadget that provides you and your partner an amazing listening experience. 



Bloomlife is a wearable pregnancy sensor that you don’t have to wear the whole time but once or twice during the third trimester. It’s a device that sticks onto the belly and keeps track of the counts and timings of contractions. The gathered data on contraction is then sent to be viewed on the compatible iOS or Android app. This in turn, helps you prepare in a better way for labor.

In Conclusion:

The gadgets mentioned in this article are intuitive and easy to use. They require minimum efforts to set up. Thus, expectant parents can save all their enthusiasm and energy for the time when their baby is born.