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Rules of Sharing Your Ultrasound Pictures On Social Media


After finding out that you are going to be a mother, and having your world turned inside out, ultrasound techniques give you a chance to sneak peek into your body and witness the little being who is responsible for all this chaos.  

So, if you are thinking of posting your ultrasound pictures on social media platforms, you should. However, make sure that you edit off your name and medical facility, cross-check your privacy settings, and then consider keeping the following things in mind:  

1- Prepare a list of people who should see the post

It's because if you post about your pregnancy on social media without preparing a list and your second cousin has to know about your pregnancy along with all the rabble on social media, she might get very pissed off. Do your homework beforehand, so you know who should see your ultrasound pictures first before the internet to avoid family and friends meltdowns.       

2- Don't think that everyone knows about the human body

Think of that episode of The Office where Michael sees Pam's ultrasound scan images and exclaims," that's the inside of your vagina." Yes, Michael is a fictional character, but he is a demonstration of a lot of ignorant people who are very real.  If you ever want to rage over the deficiencies of sex education in the country, ask an average person to distinguish a uterus from a vagina from a vulva. Or, just post your ultrasound photos on social media.

3- Lower your expectations for people's reaction to the content of the image

There are chances that you may consider sharing your ultrasound photos on social media because it ranks high on the list of "Biggest Moments Of Your Entire Life." However, a lot of people may find the photos awkward, and some folks may consider it oversharing, so it's good if you keep your expectations at low.  

4- Lower your expectations, in general

We're talking about parenthood here that is a Super Bowl of online judgment. Don't be surprised if posting those images sifts the shaming moms and other weirdos on the surface.  Plus, at least you'll get know they are in advance of your baby's arrival.    

5- Wait until your fetus appears to be a human fetus

You must feel empowered about announcing your pregnancy whenever and however you see it fit. However, if your future offspring is still in the development phase where it may not qualify to be called a fetus, or if a discernible yolk appears in the image, you may feel it appropriate to post it on social media. But others could have a problem with what you upload, as mentioned above that there are a lot of ignorant people on the internet.  

In Summary:

You can share your ultrasound pictures with anyone you want, but some people don't acknowledge the value of such precious moments. Thus, this article has been written to make you aware of the things you need to keep in mind while posting your ultrasound pictures on the internet.

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