Why 3D Ultrasound Is A Boon For Expecting Parents


For parents expecting a baby, one of the cheerful and exciting moments during pregnancy is the first prenatal ultrasound. Hearing a baby’s heartbeat and seeing him for the first time in the womb can be a life-changing experience for any parents in the world. It’s because the ultrasound technique gives you a sneak peek of what’s happening inside the abdomen and help find any abnormalities. And now, it even lets you see a growing baby in 3D.


Most pregnant women will have an ultrasound at some point during their nine months of ups and downs and would be familiar with the conventional 2D ultrasounds. A 2D ultrasound is used to determine the health of the fetus, gestational age, and sex of the baby. It generates flat images that picturize the outlines of a baby’s internal organs.


How 3D ultrasound creates its magic?


Ultrasound listens to the sound waves that are directed downward and passed straight back up again. In 3D ultrasound, those sound waves are used, but in a slightly different way. This time they’re directed downward at various angles, enabling the receiving system to “see” produced images as 3-dimensional. This process is known as “surface rendering.” While with 4d ultrasound, the still images produced by 3D ultrasound can be played one right after another, forming a moving picture in real time.


Risks of 3D and 4D ultrasound:


Just like any other 2D ultrasound, the risks from 3D and 4D ultrasounds on you and your baby’s health are considered to be quite low. The reason is that the technology used in all ultrasounds is essentially the same. But, there is one primary difference. It’s the advancement of the equipment receiving the ultrasound waves, which should rather be received by the application of the waves themselves.


Despite that, these elective ultrasounds should not be used as a substitute for one executed as a medical procedure by your healthcare provider. 3D and 4D ultrasounds are not meant to be prenatal care. If your physician’s office does not provide 3D and 4d ultrasound, be sure to let your doctor know if you are considering getting one.


The bonding through ultrasounds:


One of the significant benefits that 3D and 4D ultrasounds offer is the immediate bonding they help create between parents and their embryonic baby. No longer your baby remains an abstract idea or flat, ordinary images on a monitor. You can see your baby, watch him move around, and see him sucking his thumb. Not only this, mothers with a strong bond with their unborn babies tend to take better care of themselves. It is seen that after 3D and 4D ultrasounds, many women quit smoking and drinking, and pledged to practice a better nutrition.


Finding the right provider:


As many moms and moms-to-be already have the right information regarding this, your friends and family can be a great referral source. You can take help of social media to know which provider is putting efforts to bring its services to you. There are brilliant applications like BabyFlix, which allows clinicians and imaging centers to provide photos and videos from the ultrasound exam to parents directly on their smartphones.


Indeed, you would want to find a provider who is reputable and has experience, who practices this craft with proper safety, and in a clean and comfortable environment.