5 Facts You Must Know About Losing Weight After Pregnancy


Post nine months of being in a body that’s constantly transforming, you’re psyched to finally see your baby and embrace the #MomLife. On the other hand, there is so much attention on celebrities’ post-baby bodies and how quickly they’ve managed to get back into pre-pregnancy shape.


When you see any celebrity walking the runway just a few weeks after birth, you may wonder if there’s a magical pill for dropping the baby weight. However, here’s a rundown of what you can expect when it comes to shedding weight after birth.


1- Breastfeeding helps burn calories, but don’t consider it as a diet


Many women claim that they easily dropped 30 pounds just from breastfeeding and low-impact exercise. According to them, they did nothing but breastfeed, and got back into shape in just two months.


Breastfeeding is a legit calorie burner. Though, despite what every skinny new mom says, you shouldn’t consider it as the only way to reach your postpartum body goal. As breastfeeding is the primary source of nutrition for your baby, you need an additional 400-500 calories to help sustain your milk production. About two-thirds of those additional calories should come from snacks and food you eat. The other one-third is burned from the weight you have gained during pregnancy. Because of that, if you adapt to a healthy, well-balanced diet, you lose weight naturally.


However, don’t resort to losing weight faster by cutting calories. Eating less than 1,800 calories a day may hinder your milk supply, and you’ll probably feel exhausted.


2- Your postpartum belly has nothing to do with your uterus


You might have heard that there’s nothing you can do about an afterbirth pooch and it’s there because your uterus stretched out during pregnancy.


True, it did expand and grow to adjust your baby. Though, by six weeks after birth, it will have contracted back down to its normal size. So, if you still have a belly a month, or even a year after delivery, it has stored fat you gained during your pregnancy that your body’s holding onto.


3- Your pre-pregnancy shape impacts how fast you can get your old body back


You may know someone who was able to fit back into their slimfit jeans a few weeks after becoming a mother. Or you may know someone who is frustrated by how long after delivery, she’s been relentlessly working on dropping some weight. Actually, there’s no defined time for losing postpartum weight. And the fact is that the more weight you put on during pregnancy, the longer it takes to lose.


According to experts, it takes nine months to go through the pregnancy process. Thus, at least, allow yourself nine months postpartum to have your body come back to normal.  


4- Celebs don’t use magic weight loss pills


Do these supermodels who hit the ramp in bikinis just days after becoming a mom know something that you don’t?


Medical experts say that supermodels make their living by being thin, so they work with extra motivation to shed their pregnancy weight as soon as possible. Even if it means using unhealthy ways. In other words, stop fascinating about their super-fast results and try not to replicate their ways.  


Don’t restrict your calories aggressively and exercise excessively. This can affect your energy levels and ability to breastfeed. Whether you’re a model or a housewife, your first priority should be to keep your baby healthy. Second, be patient while losing your postpartum weight.


5) You may require help


It’s a time when you’re exhausted, bonding with your newborn baby, and trying to absorb the surreal fact you’ve become a parent.


So perhaps you’re not taking good care of yourself or not on a diet as well as you should. Instead of being in a constant guilt, or wrongly assuming that how you look and feel is no more important--consult a doctor, a dietitian, or maybe a new mom who would hit the gym with you.


Make the time and efforts to meet with a nutritionist or personal trainer. This can prove to be a great investment that can pay dividends for years by preventing you from diabetes, elevated cholesterol, hypertension, and many other severe medical conditions.  




Whether you achieve your same pre-pregnancy shape or hover above it, your primary goal should be to feel good and be around your baby. While pregnancy may leave you with permanent stretch marks on your belly and less perky breasts, diverting yourself toward good habits can help you shape up otherwise.