5 Father's Day Gift Ideas

Whether he's celebrating his first Father's Day as a new dad or a dad-to-be, it's sure to be a fun and exciting weekend that's all about him. But, as you may soon discover, shopping for dads is hard!

These Father's Day gift ideas are perfect for both a new dad and a dad-to-be, and ever a veteran dad who is a Father's Day pro.

Happy Father's Day to all the BabyFlix dads!

1. Something Sentimental

There's nothing sweeter than a sentimental gift for Dad... and especially for a new dad or a dad who is expecting. From a sweet framed image of Baby's first ultrasound that he can keep on his desk to a custom keychain made from Baby's hand print, he'll love the thoughtfulness of a gift that will keep the memories of his first Father's Day alive.

2. A Functional Father's Day

Does he have his eye on a specific baby carrier or a sweet stroller that he's looking forward to putting to use when his little one arrives? Use Father's Day as an opportunity to fulfill an item on Dad's wishlist. 

3. Kick Off His Dad Style

Dad style is in a category of its own and there are so many fun, cheeky tees designed just for dads. Find one that best fits his personality and he'll be wearing it with pride!

4. Homemade Gifts He Can't Resist

If your little one has already arrived and he's celebrating his first Father's Day as a new dad, put that sweet baby to work creating a homemade gift that Dad will love. Baby footprint and hand print crafts are particularly popular for Father's Day and easy to make, too!

5. Think Outside the Dad Box

Sure, he may be a new dad or becoming a dad soon, but he's also still the same guy who loves his hobbies and favorite sports team and all of the other things he did before he earned the title of Dad! Pull from what he loves to do this Father's Day for an unexpected gift he'll adore. 

A BabyFlix HD Ultrasound Video is a great addition to any gift for a dad-to-be! Not only will he be able to peek at your baby's ultrasound footage whenever he pleases, but it's the perfect way for a proud dad to share the first imagery of his little one with friends, family and coworkers.