5 Reasons to Store Prenatal Images on BabyFlix

1. Easy & Private Sharing via the Gallery
Who you want to invite into this exciting time for your growing family is completely up to you, and with multiple ways to share your prenatal images from your BabyFlix gallery, you can keep your circle as closed or open as you like. Invite your friends and family to the app or import your contacts from your phone. To share, simply send your favorite shots via text or post them on your social media channels. Most importantly, whoever gets to see your growing baby is completely at your discretion. 
2. Make it Even More Memorable via BabyFlix HD Movie 
Take the sweetness of your baby’s earliest moments to the next level with our HD Movie feature, which automatically takes all video footage and images from your prenatal exam and edits them into a movie. Our baby-themed music and effects add a personal touch, making your baby’s first home movie a beautiful keepsake to revisit and share throughout your pregnancy and beyond. 
3. Your Baby's Pics at your Fingertips via the App
We can all agree that we have officially entered the digital age, and ultrasound prints simply aren’t practical anymore. Hard copy photos are prone to getting lost or damaged as time passes. All of your baby’s images can be stored safely in the Babyflix app and remain just a few thumb swipes away. And if you ever do want to print high quality photos, you can do that from the app, too, using the BabyFlix printing platform. 
4. Direct Uploads to the Gallery via the BabyFlix Camera
Let’s be honest, once baby arrives, that little face is probably going to be the only thing you want to take photos of anymore. Luckily, you can snap away until your heart’s content with the in-app BabyFlix Camera and then directly upload them to your gallery. Imagine tracking baby’s journey from his first ultrasound to now!
5. Permanent Cloud-Based Storage
Our storage is safe and completely protected, so your baby’s privacy will never be compromised. As always, you’ll be able to control who sees what and when. And with all your images and videos stored on the Cloud, you won’t have to worry about losing your photos when tragedy strikes your devices. They’ll always be there waiting for you within the Babyflix app.