5 Summer Mocktails to Keep You Cool

There's no doubt that being pregnant during the summer is challenging... especially if you're nearing the end of your pregnancy. These summer mocktails will help keep you cool and satisfied without sacrificing any of the taste. 

Caesar Mocktail 

What better way to get in an extra helping of pregnancy veggies than with a savory Caesar Mocktail? This is a perfect replacement for a summer Bloody Mary and you can stuff it full with all your favorite fixings, just like usual. Make sure you keep an eye on the amount of spice, which may taste stronger than usual when pregnant.

Recipe via Savor the Flavour

La Croix Mocktails

If you've been a fan of sparkling water during your pregnancy, this list of La Croix-based mocktails will be your new go-to for beating the heat this summer. Many of the recipes also include fresh fruit, making them ideal for in-season summer berries!

Recipe via Brit + Co

Margarita Mocktail

All the refreshing taste of a delicious summer margarita, but perfect for pregnancy, this recipe is going to become an instant favorite. It uses your favorite margarita mix as a base, plus Italian soda to kick up the fizz factor. We especially love that you can easily customize this mocktail to suit your own tastes!

Recipe via The Miami Rose

Moscow Mule Mocktail

This trendy summer cocktail is easily transformed into a pregnancy-friendly mocktail without much effort. If you're suffering through morning sickness this summer or are plagued by an upset stomach during your pregnancy, the ginger beer in this mocktail will help ease your queasiness.

Recipe via The Merrythought

Lavender and Honey Sparkling Lemonade

A mocktail you'll want to drink even when your pregnancy is long behind you, this lemonade upgrade would make a perfect baby shower drink! The sparkling water makes it especially light and despite how sweet it sounds, the honey keeps it from being overboard.

Recipe via Kelley and Cricket

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