5 Ways to Bond with Your Baby

5 Ways to Bond with Your Baby During Pregnancy


We’re sure you’ve heard a lot about bonding with your baby after she’s born, but did you know that you can start bonding with your little one while you’re pregnant? While some of these suggestions might seem a little silly at first - we promise you’re not the only one - taking the time to bond with your baby now will make the transition into bonding with her after she’s born that much sweeter.


Here are five ideas to help you get the bonding process going:


Get an Early Start on Your Baby Library


If you’ve been building Baby’s nursery library, grab a few books and do some reading out loud. This is also a great way to involve siblings-to-be, Dad and grandparents in the bonding process… if you don’t mind them reading to your stomach, that is.


Crank Up Those Tunes


So many moms say that their little ones really start bumping around in their bellies when they have music playing… and for good reason! No matter what your favorite songs may be, introducing them to your baby when you’re pregnant is a fun way to start bonding. And, you may be surprised to find that these same songs will soothe your baby after he’s born, too!


Chat Baby’s Ear Off


When we said these ideas may seem a bit silly, this is what we’re talking about. But, trust us when we say that one of the greatest ways to bond with your baby before she’s born is just to talk to her! Even if you’re chatting through your grocery list or telling her what you did during the day, she’ll love it and you’ll find that you may, too.


Take Time to Simply Sit and Connect


There’s a lot to do when you’re pregnant! From getting the nursery ready to packing your hospital bag to wrapping up work tasks before maternity leave, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of pregnant life. Try to take a few minutes each day to sit and just spend some dedicated time with your baby when you’re pregnant.


Keep a Pregnancy Journal


Keeping a pregnancy journal is a fun way to bond with your baby before he’s born! You can use the BabyFlix App to record video journals throughout your pregnancy. The in-app camera allows you to record videos and take photos directly and store them in your online BabyFlix gallery so they're safely save and you're not eating up storage space on your phone. Not only will the time creating a journal help you bond with your baby during pregnancy, but it will be fun to look back on as they grow, too!


How are you bonding with your baby during pregnancy?