5 Ways to Help Dad Feel Involved During Pregnancy

As excited as Dad may be that you’re expecting a little one, it can be hard for him to feel involved. These ideas are great places to start to help him feel involved throughout your pregnancy. We hope you find one or two that are a good fit for your growing family!
Keep him involved in the decision making
From planning the nursery to creating a baby registry together, having Dad help make decisions throughout your pregnancy will help keep him involved. Pregnancy can be overwhelming and beyond all the fun decisions you’ll get to make over the course of this time, it’s also helpful to have a partner for the big decisions you’ll face together, too.
Create special bonding time for Dad + Baby
There’s no doubt that it’s easier for Mom to bond with Baby during pregnancy. But, what about Dad? Create some special time each day for Dad to spend some one-on-one time bonding with Baby—he can read stories to sing to your little one, or even just talk to your belly. It may seem silly at first, but it will go a long way in helping Dad feel involved… and, it will have a big impact on bonding with Baby after she’s born, as well!
Make appointments together a priority
It’s so hard to juggle all those pregnancy appointments on your own, let alone to find times that work for both of your schedules! However, making the effort to get Dad to as many prenatal appointments as possible is a great way for him to feel involved. It will also give him a chance to hear, firsthand, how things are progressing and to ask your doctor any questions that may pop up!
Talk about your birth plan 
There’s no doubt that you’ve been thinking about your birth plan… and chances are, Dad has, too. Take the time to talk about what you’re both expecting and hoping for during delivery. Not only will it help you get on the same page for when the big day comes, but talking through what you’re both worried and excited about will bring relief!
Use the BabyFlix App to help Dad stay connected
Make sure Dad has the BabyFlix App—available on Google Play and in the App Store—downloaded on his phone to stay connected during pregnancy. You can add your ultrasound photos and video, pregnancy image updates and more so dad can see Baby whenever he wants.