Creating Your Baby Registry? Let The Experts Help You Get Started

Did you start researching the latest developments in carseats and strollers as you confirmed your pregnancy? If you did, then you may have quickly realized how many options new parents have. If you are overwhelmed by it all, you definitely are not alone!
Parents have not only a lot of options, but also a lot of great options. Advancements in technology and a commitment to design mean that no matter what your personal style is, you are sure to find the stroller, crib, high chair, diaper bag and more that will fit seamlessly into your home and your lifestyle.
“Great, but how?” you may be wondering at this point. Follow the experts who have made it their missions to share the latest and greatest gear with new parents. 
Here are a few baby gear experts to help you get started:
If you want to laugh: Jamie Grayson, aka The Baby Guy. Jamie went from a theatre nerd to a renowned baby gear nerd after working as a product demonstrator and personal shopper at buybuyBaby in Manhattan and a year at NYC’s top birth education center. Jamie is passionate about helping parents make decisions on the best baby gear they can use to make life simpler & more enjoyable. His review videos are not only thorough, they are funny. We don’t think we’ve seen one yet that hasn’t made us laugh out loud.
If you like keeping it real: Hollie Schultz of Baby Gizmo. Hollie is one of the original video reviewers in the baby industry. Her product testing is real-world testing. She and her team of reviewers weigh products. They throw food on them. They run through parking lots carrying them, two other kids and our diaper bags to get the best sense of how these products work IRL.
If you like knowing all of your options:Lucie’s List.  Meg, the founder, created the site as a way to help moms avoid the mistakes she made (overpriced strollers, struggling with sleep training, nursing challenges, and more.) Her site and weekly email newsletter, a.k.a. “Crib Notes,” distill the overwhelming mountain of information into weekly, bite-size chunks and are delivered exactly when needed. 
If you don’t know where to begin: Gugu Guru. Created by Monica Banks after realizing that even though she was a mom and had found the gear that she needed, she could only help her best friend do the same because although they were besties, they each had their own unique needs. Inspired by her teenage obsession with the quizzes in teen mags, she created a quiz that helps a mom discover her ideal baby registry based on her lifestyle and personal style.
Of course, like the number of great choices you have for a stroller or carrier, there are a lot of people out there covering the latest baby gear products. Websites like PopSugar Moms and The Bump  are great resources for discovering new products and you can also check gear out in person at shows like MommyCon, Gearapalooza and The Baby Show.
We hope this is a helpful start! If you've discovered a helpful baby gear resource we should include on this list, please share in the comments below.