Help! I'm Having Pregnancy Food Cravings!

You've probably heard stories about food cravings from pregnant friends and now that you're pregnant yourself, you may be experiencing your own! While you often only hear the tales of the crazy foods and food combinations women may crave during pregnancy—pickles and ice cream ring a bell?— cravings are so different for each woman that it's hard to know exactly what you'll crave... if anything at all!

Tips to Manage Pregnancy Food Cravings

1. Indulge in Moderation

Just like when you're not pregnant, indulging in your food cravings with moderation will (hopefully!) give you the satisfaction you need to kick the craving. Can't live without salty chips in your second trimester? Have a few! Is ice cream on your mind 24/7? Dish up a small scoop! Oftentimes, a craving is just that and never quite as satisfying in reality as it is in your mind. 

2. Be Prepared for the Impact

That being said, remember that if you do indulge in your food cravings, you may see a bigger impact on your body than usual... particularly if you're combining foods that you don't usually eat, snacking late at night or if you have a hankering for spicy foods. Heartburn can be a very uncomfortable side effect of giving into food cravings during pregnancy, especially as you reach your third trimester.

3. Above All Else, Stay Hydrated

Before you give in to a pregnancy craving, train yourself to have a glass of water first to see if that helps kick it. If your pregnancy cravings fall into the salty category, remember that you'll likely need extra water to curb the extra sodium in your diet. (As if you weren't going to the bathroom every 10-seconds as it was!)

4. Talk to Your Doctor About Your Pregnancy Cravings

Keep your doctor informed about what you're craving during pregnancy, especially if you're feeling like you can't control your cravings or you're craving non-food items. Your doctor is a helpful resource in helping you find healthy, creative alternatives to keeping pregnancy cravings at bay or how to manage them if you're feeling consumed by your cravings.

5. Document Your Cravings in the BabyFlix App

Truth be told, pregnancy cravings can be so usual and sometimes quite funny! Remember to document the little moments of your pregnancy in the BabyFlix App. Snap a quick picture of your ice cream covered in hot sauce, save it in the app and order a picture from the BabyFlix website that you can tuck in their baby book! 

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