How to Involve Grandparents in Your Pregnancy

Becoming a grandparent is a huge milestone, and likely one that your parents and in-laws have been looking forward to for some time. Involving them in your pregnancy can be a way to help them bond with your baby from early on, and it will also help them feel like they are a part of your support system. On the flip side, if you are concerned about overzealous in-laws or grandparents-to-be, this is also a good opportunity to establish boundaries early on so that you can ensure the foundation of a healthy relationship as you take this next step. 
1. Announce the News to Them Separately
You can make your parents and in-laws feel like a special part of your baby’s life right from the get-go by planning a You’re Going to Be Grandparents announcement. Telling them the news first or getting them a grandparents’ gift will let them know that you honor how important they will be to your baby’s life, and it will show that you respect the special bond they will have with your child. 
2. Share Your Digital Photo Gallery With Them
With tools like the Babyflix app, you now have one, safe place to store all of your ultrasound photos and videos. When you are ready, invite your parents and in-laws to get the app, as well, so they can be a part of your gallery. This way, they can view the photos at any time and get updates as you do. This is an especially good solution for helping long distance grandparents feel like they are a part of your growing family, and it’s a good way to help them bond with the baby early on. If you don't want to share your gallery, share a BabyFlix HD Movie with them so they can see the highlights of your prenatal ultrasound. 
3. Invite Them On Your Terms
Grandparents and in-law relationships can get tricky once the baby arrives. Some grandparents show their love by being a tad over excited, showing up unannounced or too soon after the baby arrives. You want your baby’s grandparents to meet the baby, of course, but not before you feel like you’ve had enough time at home with your partner and the new baby first, and definitely not just at any moment the grandparents see fit. One way to establish these boundaries early on is to have the conversation during your pregnancy. As you near your due date, talk logistics with both your parents and your in-laws. Let them know when you’d like to invite them for the first visit, when they should make flight plans, whether you’d like them at the hospital or not, etc. Be clear about your baby registry and what gifts you actually need. If you extend these milestones as a warm invitation, you’re clearly setting boundaries for your new family while still showing them that you are happy to have them involved in your baby’s life.