How To Share Your 3D/4D Ultrasound Anywhere In The World

Being pregnant, bearing all the moments that pregnancy brings to you for the next nine months whether they are good or bad and enjoying every bit of it may seem like an arduous task. However, what if we help you create your pregnancy moments more rejuvenating. BabyFlix's goal is to offer expectant couples a unique pregnancy experience by its various groundbreaking services.

Read on to know how BabyFlix makes your pregnancy more memorable

Gender Reveal:

When you become pregnant, this brings a sense of joy to everyone who loves and cares about you. But, it may not be possible for them to know what's going on with you during those nine months. You also want to share the news that can bring smiles to the faces. And keep your complex pregnancy symptoms only to you, such as morning sickness, weight gain, and other pregnancy-related complications.

The Gender Reveal party can also be known as an analog of Baby Shower, which includes a trope of pink (indicating a female baby) or blue (indicating a male baby) to designate the gender of the baby.

How can BabyFlix make your baby's gender reveal party more fun?

When you throw your baby's gender reveal party, it may not be possible for everyone you invite to attend it. Everyone wants to see the new member of the family, but sometimes it becomes geographically impossible. Additionally, you may feel comfortable if you have a little privacy in the Ultrasound room, yet would like your family and friends to engage with the experience. This is where the BabyFlix app provides you with a solution.

We can make it possible. You can share your baby's gender-reveal online with anyone, anywhere in the world.  

BabyFlix allows you to share the gender-reveal as it's happening with your aunts and uncles even if they live in another country. You can share it with your spouse deployed in a foreign country. Indeed, BabyFlix allows your close ones to accompany you in those precious moments, even when they can't. Find out in four easy steps how it enables you to do such innovative things:

1- Schedule your live broadcast while making your appointment

2- Invite your family and friends

3- Your ultrasound (2D, 3D, and 4D) will stream on a smartphone, browser, or TV.

4- BabyFlix's saves your streamed broadcast to your gallery, and it will be viewable on demand.

Once you've successfully registered with BabyFlix, your guest will receive an email invitation. Then, they'll be able to log in on the day of the event and watch the session. Indeed, you can memorialize, edit, stream & share your ultrasound pictures through your account on the BabyFlix app.

Besides, baby related themes and music will make all these memories more special. You can download the BabyFlix app from Itunes or Google Play Store. Also, it's accessible at