Ideas for Announcing Your Pregnancy To Your Parents

Announcing your big news to your parents is one of the most memorable and joyous parts of pregnancy. The exciting part is figuring out how you’re going to share the news with your parents.

Here are some cute, funny, and totally creative ways to announce your pregnancy to your parents when you are ready.

The bun in the oven:

Let your parents open your oven and discover a bun 'cooking.' A classic way to announce your pregnancy, you can use a hamburger bun or go one step further and bake your own bun while your parents are visiting.

While rolling out the dough, mark two buns with a "B," and make sure to place them at the front of the baking tray, facing the oven door. When they're cooked, let your parents open the door of the oven. And remember to photograph the reveal!

Music to their ears:

If you are not able to reveal your pregnancy in person, you can send a recording of your baby's heartbeats to your parents. Or, call and drop a voicemail with the message, "someone special wants to meet you in nine months."


Reveal it through a grocery list: 

Invite your parents for dinner to your house and when they ask what they can bring, tell them "pickles and ice cream."     


Game night:

Does your family love to play games? Organize a game like Charades or Pictionary to set up your reveal. When it's your turn, start crafting a drawing and build on it until you've sketched a mom-to-be.  

Or play a game of Scrabble and spell out "I'm expecting" over the course of the game.   


Make a cup of tea for two

Ask the grandparents-to-be for a cup of tea (or coffee) and give them mugs with a message at the bottom to serve it in. You can write a direct message like, "you're going to be grandma" or find a line that gets the message across in a very personal way for your parents.

Outline the message with a permanent marker, or use an untouched mug that your parents can keep as a keepsake.


Print it on a T-shirt

If you don't like the idea of revealing it through a mug, announce it with a t-shirt. Present your parents each a T-shirt with a creative pregnancy announcement message or image announcing your pregnancy.

Extend the time of surprise by wrapping the T-shirt in a wrapping paper, then keep it in a box that is in another box or two. Your parents may quickly get the idea that this is no ordinary present.


Announce it with BabyFlix:

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Whatever you decide to do, remember that they news you are sharing - not how you choose to share it - is important!