Maternity Photoshoot Ideas for Spring and Summer

Whether you’ve been pinning your favorite maternity photoshoot ideas since the moment you first thought about getting pregnant or are already in your third trimester trying to find a photographer last minute, your maternity photoshoot should aim to capture one thing: your unique experience as a mama-to-be! Here are 5 ideas for a maternity photoshoot during the warmer months that we hope will inspire you. 
1. Keep it Candid
Some maternity photoshoots can seem a tad staged or stiff, so don’t underestimate a candid shoot--the results can be so beautiful. If you have older siblings to incorporate, consider a fun activity for you guys, like blowing bubbles in the yard or a dance party around the house. Your job is simple: just have fun, and leave it to the photographer to capture those moments of pure joy and play. And don’t hesitate to laugh! A genuine laugh is simple and beautiful, as you can see in this mama’s photo.
2. Take a Bath Fit for a Goddess
Got one of those jacuzzis in your master bathroom that you hardly ever use or a girlfriend who wouldn’t mind sharing hers with you for a couple hours? Draw up a luxurious milk bath and incorporate your favorite spring blooms for a truly idyllic result. After all, what mama-to-be doesn’t want a reason to soak in the bath for a couple hours? Be sure to have dad on set to refresh the warm water. 
3. Let Mother Nature Be Your Backdrop
If you live by the beach or open farmland, then Mother Nature has already done half of the work for you. Take advantage of those locations, and plan your shoot for golden hour for a particularly romantic result. A silhouette shot is a classic idea for outdoor maternity shoots at this time of day. Scroll to the bottom of this photographer’s post to see how stunning the results are at this desert botanical shoot. 
4. Go Meta
Now that technology allows for a sneak peek of the little one in your belly, a lot of couples opt to include ultrasound photos in their maternity photoshoot, and the results are adorable. With the Babyflix app, you have easy access to all of your ultrasound photos so that you can easily select your favorites. And once you select your favorite shots from the shoot, you can simply upload them to your gallery to share with family and friends. 
5. Embrace All Aspects of You
Your maternity photoshoot should capture all aspects of you as a mom. Forgo the pressure to fit into some cultural ideal or standard of motherhood and embrace everything that makes you the mother that you are. Whether that means showing tattoos or the strength of a body that has adapted to a prosthetic leg, come as you are to your maternity photoshoot knowing that it is enough.