Oxytocin During Pregnancy: 6 Simple Ways to Boost The Love Hormone

Are you familiar with Oxytocin? A hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain, Oxytocin helps us develop strong bonds with a partner, parent, or child and not surprisingly, plays a pivotal role in sex, birth, and breastfeeding. It can also help strengthen labor contractions during childbirth and aid in controlling bleeding post childbirth. It gets released when we're happy and relaxed, which is a great reason to boost it during pregnancy.

Oxytocin During Pregnancy: 6 Ways to Boost the Love Hormone

1) Physical touch

You can cuddle your children, snuggle your pet, have sex with your partner, get a massage, or ask a loved one to rub your feet. Different types of touch produce different levels of oxytocin in the body. Hugs are also a great way to increase this feel-good hormone so hug someone you love as often as possible.    

2) Relax

Including some form of relaxation in your daily routine is important and when you're pregnant, you need to take it one step further. You should focus on different types of relaxing activities, like meditation or mindful breathing. Setting aside 10 minutes for relaxation, a few times a day, can help your mind-body connection and stimulate oxytocin.

3) Stay Positive

In our world of 24-7 news, staying positive can be a challenge. Protect yourself by choosing positive news to read, get in touch with someone you haven't seen or talked to in a while, and make an effort to spend time with loved ones in real life.

4) Laugh More

Laughter truly can be the best medicine because it helps keep oxytocin flowing. Find the people, shows, books, etc. that make you feel great and make time for them as often as you can.   

5) Exercise

Good for your body and good for your mind, regular exercise increases endorphins and oxytocin in the body. Not feeling up for a strenuous workout, you can benefit from yoga or a short walk.

6) Cry

It may seem strange after all of the other advice, but crying helps maintain a healthy level of oxytocin. When we are full of feelings, our body produces less oxytocin and more stress hormones. This imbalance is not good for your mind and body.

It's healthy to let those feeling out and often a common occurance during pregnancy. However, if you feel like this is more than the "pregnancy blues," you should talk to your doctor.