Oxytocin During Pregnancy: 6 Simple Ways to Boost The Love Hormone

A wild concoction of hormones naturally comes into play during pregnancy and is responsible for a whole range of changes your body is going through...the good and the bad. We're focusing on oxytocin in this blog post because it falls in the "good" category and when you're dealing with morning sickness or you're getting tired of covering up acne like you used to have in middle school, it's best to focus on the positives. 
Oxytocin is a sometimes called the "love hormone" because our brain releases oxytocin into our bodies during physical acts of love, whether that's having sex or simply sharing a hug. This hormone helps us develop strong bonds with those we love: our children, our parents, and our partner. 
Additionally, oxytocin is a natural part of your body's signaling process to initiate labor when your baby is ready to be born. If you're past your due date and itching to meet your newborn, try some of these methods to boost your oxytocin levels and see if that gets the birthing process moving along. 
1. Physical touch
Do you love hugs? Massages? Cuddles? Maximize your favorite type of touch interaction to boost your oxytocin levels. Different types of touch produce different levels of oxytocin in the body, so mix things up to see what happens. 
2. Exercise
Many people have heard that exercise releases endorphins. Did you know that exercise releases oxytocin as well? It doesn't even have to be strenuous exercise. Practice yoga or take a walk around the block to get those positive hormones flowing. 
3. Laugh
Laughter is so effective at boosting oxytocin that even faking laughter can make us feel better. Obviously, a genuine laugh is even better. Identify the people, shows, and books that make you feel great and make time to enjoy them as often as you can. 
4. Cry
When we are full of feelings, our body produces less oxytocin and more stress hormones. It's healthy to let those feelings out, and crying is a natural way to do so. There's a reason so many women get weepy during pregnancy: tears carry negative hormones out of the body. 
5. Relax
While oxytocin is a happy love hormone, our body also has hormones that correspond to stress and unhappiness. Cortisol, the primary stress hormone, competes with oxytocin in our blood stream and lessens its positive effects. Relaxing activities reduce our cortisol levels, paving the way for higher oxytocin levels. Take a few minutes to relax every day in order to reset your hormones. 
6. Stay Positive
In our world of 24-7 news, staying positive can be a challenge. Protect yourself from the overwhelmingly negative news cycle by seeking out positive stories to read. Spend time with people you love, and remain positive in your interactions with them. 
It's also important to keep in mind that these hormones are result of the amazing work your body is doing to grow another human. BabyFlix helps make it easy to remember that because we make it easy for you to see your growing bundle of joy anytime and anywhere. Upload your prenatal images and ultrasound videos to BabyFlix and download the free BabyFlix app from the App Store or Google Play and your baby's first images will never be more than a thumb swipe away.