Preserve and Share Your Pregnancy Scan Experience

Good news, expectant parents! BabyFlix is here to give you the ability to preserve and share the first images of your growing baby - anywhere, anytime. Imagine simply reaching for your smartphone to show your friends the digital images of your ultrasound scans. You can point out what your baby was doing in the womb, whether that was waving, yawning, smiling, or pouting.
BabyFlix is dedicated to getting the family bonding process started early by simplifying the sharing of ultrasound imagery with loved. To achieve this, BabyFlix introduced a HIPPA compliant web-based service along with a state of art website that integrates into social media networks and wizard-driven video editing software.
Create precious memories
BabyFlix allows you to watch and edit your 3D & 4D ultrasound images online, create video & image galleries, create personal profiles, and share and publish their imagery via PC or mobile device. 
Depending on the setup of your imaging provider, your imagery is either sent directly to your BabyFlix account or uploaded from your ultrasound DVD.  Once your BabyFlix account is set up, you can upload additional images from your desktop or mobile, and edit them all together to create a personalized baby image gallery. In addition to hosting your images, BabyFlix provides baby related themes and music to enhance your images and videos. 
Once you've created your image gallery, you can then share and enjoy it on the web, on your mobile device, or on a TV. Images can be shared directly from the BabyFlix site or posted to your favorite social media networks. You can even broadcast your ultrasound scan live, letting loved ones share in the precious moment via smartphone, tablet, or computer.
Getting started is easy 
When you come back home after your ultrasound examination, you will receive an email containing your BabyFlix account information. Once you login to your account, you can see the edited video of your ultrasound scan, the raw 4D ultrasound video, or still 3D baby pictures from your scan in your gallery.
If your ultrasound provider gave you a DVD with your prenatal imagery, you can upload these images to your BabyFlix account. Alternatively, we can send you a crush-proof prepaid DVD envelope. Enclose your DVD and send the envelope back to BabyFlix, who will then upload the images for you. 
After digitizing your ultrasound media, BabyFlix will notify you via email that your photos and videos have been uploaded to your profile. At that point, you're all set to go! BabyFlix will also ship your ultrasound DVD back to you.
Share memories with family and friends
You can share your ultrasound video in a secure way with the people you designate from the application. If you want to share with a wider group, you can post the video to Facebook wall, Twitter, and many other social media networks. BabyFlix will even let you publish your beautiful moments to your blog or embed on your website. 
BabyFlix has provided you with the groundbreaking features like ultrasound DVD connect, ultrasound on your phone, on-demand ultrasound movie, live ultrasound streaming, and the BabyFlix studio. If you're a parent-to-be, visit the website, set up an account, and share your memories with your loved ones.