Staying Connected with Your Partner During Pregnancy

Many couples face the challenge of distance in their relationship during pregnancy. It may be literal physical distance imposed by frequent travel for work, military deployment, or a completely unexpected situation. It may be the emotional distance that arises between two people who are exhausted and overwhelmed by their first child or even their fourth—pregnancy doesn't get any easier when you're running after toddlers. 
By making a conscious effort, you can find simple ways for you and your partner to stay connected throughout your pregnancy. 
Schedule regular date nights
Spend quality time with your partner as a couple, whether you get dressed up for a night on the town or pull on your jammies for a movie night on the couch. Partners apart can connect using FaceTime or Skype. The important part is making a commitment to spend time with each other and prioritizing your relationship. Sure, sometimes we can't control our schedule, but at least promise each other not to reschedule more than once. If you're already on the make-up date, you'd better make sure that one happens!
Make decisions together
Pregnancy comes with a whole host of decisions, from decorating the nursery to designing a birth plan, that can feel completely overwhelming. Don't do it alone! Get your partner's input. If time together is hard to find, remember that you don't have to be together to make decisions together. Set up a shared Pinterest board, or a Google doc, or use any of the million tools and apps designed to let us share information and ideas online. 
Express yourselves
Move past rehashing to-do lists in every conversation to talk about what matters. Share your feelings, worries, expectations, and dreams. Encourage your partner to do the same. Tell each other how much you love each other, and be specific. Remember that you're more than co-parents; you're a couple. 
Go to appointments together
When possible, bring your partner along to pre-natal appointments. You'll feel less alone during the long and sometimes stressful process of pregnancy, and your partner will feel more connected to your journey. 
Download the BabyFlix App
When you can't be together in person, be together digitally. Use the BabyFlix app —available on Google Play and in the App Store—to store and view your ultrasound photos and video, pregnancy image updates and more. That way, you'll both be able to stay connected throughout the pregnancy journey and see your growing baby whenever you want.