Summer Travel: 5 Things to Consider if You're Pregnant

The summer travel season has arrived! If you're planning on taking your annual summer trip or thinking about adding a babymoon to your summer travels before your little one arrives, be sure to take these tips and suggestions into consideration. 

Happy travels!

1. Check In with Your Doctor

If you're in your second or third trimester of pregnancy, check in with your doctor regarding your travel plans at your next appointment, especially if you're planning on flying. Some airlines have restrictions on how far along in your pregnancy you can be to fly and you may need a note from your doctor if you're planning a trip near the end of your pregnancy. 

2. Location, Location, Location

While most places are perfectly safe to visit during pregnancy, there are times when travel to tropical locations have a heightened concern due to the spread of the Zika virus, which is dangerous during pregnancy. If you're heading somewhere exotic or tropical this summer, the CDC website is a great tool for checking the current risk factors.

3. Hydration is Key 

Like we discussed in our Tips for Surviving a Summer Pregnancy, hydration will be important if you're traveling this summer. If you're flying, bring a water bottle you can fill up once you've passed security so you can stay hydrated on your flight. Expectant moms who are planning a summer road trip will want to keep just as hydrated to battle long stints in the car. 

4. Double-Up on Sun Protection

There are so many changes your body experiences during pregnancy and changes in your skin are certainly on that list. If kicking your feet up in the sun is on your vacation wishlist this summer, make sure you protect your skin more than you typically would. Some women are more sensitive to the sun during pregnancy and there's nothing to ruin your vacation quicker than a sunburn. If you want to be mindful about using sunscreen during pregnancy, opt for UV-protectant clothing that will protect you as you play and relax.

5. Be Prepared with a Plan B

As much as we wish we could plan for every unexpected moment during pregnancy, the truth is that it's just not possible. And, that includes travel. Be prepared to make changes to your travel plans to fit the needs of your pregnancy. If you're planning a big adventure, consider travel insurance so you're covered if something unexpected prevents you from going or have a plan b in place for needing to change your plans at the last minute due to changes in your pregnancy. 

While there may be some extra details to consider if you're traveling while pregnant, the memories you'll make as you travel before Baby arrives will be priceless!