Tips on Overcoming the Woes of the 4th Trimester

Welcoming a baby is undoubtedly the best experience in the world. However, this special experience can be overshadowed by insecurity and doubt, especially if you are a new parent adjusting to the responsibility of looking after a little human full-time. So here are some helpful tips on how to overcome the challenges associated with the 4th trimester.

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What is the 4th trimester?

The fourth trimester is when your newborn adjusts to life out in the world and where you adjust mentally and physically without your baby in utero.

The challenges of the 4th trimester

Baby blues can occur in many women after the birth of their baby. This is mainly a result of hormones having to realign themselves after birth, which can leave many new moms feeling sad, weepy, stressed, and isolated. Apart from the emotional highs and lows that most new moms experience, there are also the physical aspects to contend with, such as recuperating from C-section pain, breast pain from cracked nipples, and the discomfort associated with a larger bust size.

Ways to overcome this

While the notion of the 4th trimester is a new concept, the realities behind why women feel so challenged during this period are as old as time itself. Coping mechanisms that can help you thrive during this period include:

Accepting help

Perhaps one of the key facts to take away from parenthood is that you'll have to rely on others at some point to help you take care of your child, whether it's during the newborn phase, the toddler phase, or as they grow older. Accepting that extra bit of assistance when you desperately need a break or some quality time with your partner can give you the strength to cope with the demands of caring for a newborn better.

Of course, you want to be sure that your precious bundle of joy will be in the safest of hands at all times. This is where vetting nannies is critical in giving you the peace of mind you need to take a much-needed break from time to time.

Making self-care a priority

Taking care of yourself is vital postpartum. Paying attention to your body and mind is critical to be the healthy, happy mommy you want to be for your baby. For example, try Lanolin oil to promote the healing of cracked nipples; electric breast pumps can help minimize the time you need to pump breast milk for your little one.

Making sure you feel good about you

When we look good, we feel good. This principle applies regardless of what stage or phase of life we find ourselves in and is perhaps even more essential if we feel low emotionally or feel not as attractive as we used to be.

Choosing clothing that makes us feel comfortable but is also functional and feminine is an excellent way to counteract these negative feelings. Furthermore, wearing comfortable and breathable clothing can ensure you get a good night's rest so you feel your best the next day. Wearing breathable fabric also helps maintain optimum body temperature if this fluctuates due to hormonal imbalances.

Adjusting to new motherhood is not the easiest thing to do. However, it's important to remember that this phase will pass by quicker than you think. Therefore, try to make the most of it by being as present as possible (without being self-conscious about how you look), so you really can soak up those newborn delights.