Ultrasound And Sonography: What Is The Difference?


If you are getting pregnant for the first time, you might wonder if there is any difference between Sonogram and Ultrasound. These diagnostics provide a way to examine a baby’s progress in the development. Also, obstetricians use these techniques to check on the placenta and other areas encircling the baby in the womb. And the best thing about this examination is that it causes no harm to the baby.


So, we’ll look at the difference in Ultrasound and Sonogram as well as the purposes both serve.


What is an Ultrasound?


Medical Ultrasound (also denoted as diagnostic sonography and ultrasonography) is a diagnostic imaging technique that is built on the application of Ultrasound. Ultrasound uses the means through which a Sonogram is obtained.


Basically, Ultrasound is sound waves with higher frequencies which bounce off of things and are higher than those audible to humans (>20,000 Hz). These sound waves are adjusted to produce an image which is called the Sonogram. Thus, this innovative technique is called sonography. Sonography comes in use for the following purposes:


  • Examining the condition of a baby in utero

  • Examining the causes of pain and swelling in the body

  • Assessing internal organs

  • Scanning heart damage caused by a heart attack


For pregnant women, this is an ideal test because:


  • It doesn’t cause harm to the mother or baby.

  • There are only sound waves- and does not involve any kind of radiation.  

  • Produces real-time images, means you can catch any sight of movement as it happens.


With regard to pregnancy, there are two ways Ultrasound is performed to have a check on the baby:


Doppler Mode: To examine the placenta, blood flow, and umbilical cord

Imaging Mode: To display either a 2D or 3D picture on a monitor


What’s a Sonogram?


The Sonogram is the image that Ultrasound produces. While the terms are used interchangeably, the Ultrasound signifies the process, and the Sonogram is the end result.  It can be the image of a baby in utero. In other situations, it can be the image of an organ. You can even print the image like a photograph or save it to a CD ROM.


Aside from the difference between Ultrasound and Sonogram, how do they help?


This procedure is known to be quite useful in monitoring the pregnancy. An Ultrasound technician, and a hospital employee of the imaging department perform this procedure. Further, your obstetrician uses the image to examine the following:


  • Position of the baby

  • The quantity of amniotic fluid


Your doctor will also check for:


  • Suspicion of any congenital condition

  • The possibility of twins

  • The changes in cervix

  • The development process of baby

  • The gender (in case if you’d like to know ahead of time)

Better yet, if the option for more advanced Ultrasound is available, your obstetrician may recommend for a 3D Ultrasound which offers a better, detailed image of your baby. WIth this type of Ultrasound, you can even see how your baby looks like!

Wrapping Up:


So this was just about everything you’ve been wondering about the difference between Ultrasound and Sonogram. But, most importantly, do enjoy and share this wonderful milestone where you’ll get to see your baby’s first images.


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