Your Second Trimester: A Look at the Next 12 Weeks

You made it through the first trimester of your pregnancy! Hopefully any nausea you may had is subsiding and your energy is coming back. It may not happen on day one of week 14, but typically the second trimester is a great point in your pregnancy. For many women, they start feeling better in the second trimester, their baby bump begins to show, and the reality of having a little person growing inside of them starts to feel real! It’s an exciting time as you start to feel your baby moving inside you. It's also the beginning of a lot of planning. This is generally a good time to think about when you’ll take your maternity leave and where you want to give birth. 
Both your body and your baby's body change and develop rapidly over the course of these three months. What exactly is happening each week? Here’s a general idea of what you have to look forward to.
Week 14
You: Your energy begins to lift compared to the first trimester. Incorporate regular exercise into your routine as soon as you feel up to it. 
Your baby: Right now, Baby is 4 inches long and could fit in the palm of your hand. Baby's nerves and muscles begin to function. 
Week 15
You: You may start to sport a tell-tale pregnancy "glow", with healthier skin and hair than ever before. 
Your baby: Baby's nose, lips, and taste buds start forming. Fine, soft hair grows on Baby's head.
Week 16
You: Around this time, you start to feel Baby's movements. You may feel Baby grab the umbilical cord and give it a yank. 
Your baby: The circulatory system and urinary tract are working fully. Baby inhales and exhales amniotic fluid through the lungs. 
Week 17
You: Your growing uterus has shifted, changing your center of gravity. Consider wearing low-heeled shoes for better balance. 
Your baby: Baby's heart is beating strongly! Place a stethoscope on your belly and you'll be able to hear the heartbeat. 
Week 18
You: Pregnancy hormones relax your ligaments and loosen your joints, leaving you prone to aches and pains, especially backaches. 
Your baby: If you are expecting a baby girl, she may already be developing eggs in her ovaries.
Week 19 – Halfway there!
You: You may want to start interviewing potential pediatricians. 
Your baby: Baby is now approximately 6 inches long. The skin loses its translucent appearance and begins to produce pigment, developing skin tone. 
Week 20
You: Time to start shopping around for a childbirth education class!
Your baby: Baby gains the ability to swallow. 
Week 21
You: If you've been itching to sing or read to your baby, this is a great time to start. 
Your baby: Baby weighs a little more than 12 ounces, or about as much as a can of soup. Eyebrows and eyelids are fully developed. 
Week 22
You: Pregnancy anxiety begins to re-emerge as your now-visible bump emphasizes the reality of your pregnancy. Look to your partner, friends, and family for support. 
Your baby: Baby measures over ten inches from crown to heel.
Week 23
You: You may experience bleeding gums while brushing due to hormonal changes. 
Your baby: Baby hears everything now, from your heartbeats to the rumbles in your stomach. Baby can even recognize your voice. 
Week 24
You: Stretch marks begin to appear as red or brown streaks on your abdomen and hips. 
Your baby: The brain develops rapidly. 
Week 25
You: Tests for gestational diabetes typically occur around this time. 
Your baby: Baby becomes more responsive to touch. 
Week 26
You: Eat healthy to fuel Baby's growing body and brain! Consume foods with essential nutrients and take your prenatal vitamins. 
Your baby: Baby continues to respond to touch and sound stimuli. Rapid growth and substantial brain development continue into the third trimester. 
Your second trimester is a great time to start recording the outside changes of your body. Snap selfies of your side profile with the camera in the BabyFlix App and your pictures will go straight into your BabyFlix account where they will be safely stored and easy to share with loved ones.