About Us

BabyFlix transforms your ultrasound video/images into a polished Hollywood-like production full of emotion and excitement.

The BabyFlix Mission

Our mission is to enable you to share your pregnancy experiences with the people you care about most, providing you the highest quality  imagery from ultrasound scans and the most relevant video related to all stages of pregnancy.

How it Works

BabyFlix was founded upon a vision to enhance the imagery received from an ultrasound exam and improve upon the ways it can be shared. To meet this demand, BabyFlix has developed and launched a web-based service and a state-of-the-art application integrating the most successful elements of social networking and wizard-driven video editing.

Imagine being able to share your baby’s sonogram in just minutes!   BabyFlix offers your family the unique ability to have the imagery sent to your account directly from your exam. What is more memorable than that first peek at your baby?

BabyFlix allows you to elevate the bonding experience with friends, family and loved ones near and far. You can share your sonogram results with family members in another state, loved ones living overseas or a spouse who is stationed in a foreign country.  Your journey has already started. Now let those closest to you accompany you as you prepare for your little one’s arrival.

Whether you want to share the sex of your baby, or just highlight those already visible family resemblances, BabyFlix will help deliver the good news. Your baby will be able to show off its best side, whether it’s stretching, yawning or smiling.  BabyFlix understands the importance of family and our goal is to make sure that you can share the happiest time of your life with those who matter most.

BabyFlix’s easy upload technology will allow you to quickly view your images in a safe and private environment.  Your baby’s privacy is our first priority and our app allows you to control who has access to your images. All the perks of social media sharing but with a parental-controlled filter.

Your baby is on its way….now all you have to do is share the good news!