10 Unbelievable Things That Happen In The Womb During Pregnancy

You don't have to become a medical expert to know the little being in your womb can suck his thumb and hiccup. Delightful baby-sucks-his-thumb ultrasounds seem to be prevailing, and the sensation of hiccuping in the womb is undeniable. But what else your baby is up to in the womb the whole day?

Any pregnancy blog or book can provide you with a detailed answer to how your baby's fingers form in the womb but, can it answer the most pertinent questions like,"do babies fart in the womb?" Well, breeze through the article and get answers to your most bizarre pregnancy-related questions.

1) Do babies breathe in the womb?

Yes, they do breathe in the womb, but not like we do. It's quite complicated. Since there is a lot of fluid in the form of amniotic sac, they receive their oxygen from their mothers via the umbilical cord.

2) Do babies urinate in the womb?

They do pee in the womb. In fact, you might be aware of what's amniotic fluid. That's the baby's pee. By the time a baby is at term, around 100% of the amniotic fluid encompassing him is his urine. When a baby's kidneys entirely form, he begins swallowing amniotic fluid, excreting in the form of urination and swallowing it again.

3) Do babies weep in the womb?

According to a study conducted in 2005, they do cry. In the study, a noise stimulus placed on a pregnant belly showed the signs of the fetus's distinctive crying behavior. In addition to this, by 20 weeks gestation, the fetus holds the complete motor repertoire required for crying behavior: jaw opening, coordinated breathing efforts, mouthing, chin quiver, swallowing, and tongue extensions.

4) Can they open their eyes in the womb?

Despite the fact that sight is the last sense a baby develops in the womb, it can and does open his eyes. Commonly, around the 26th week is the time when a baby opens his eyes.

5) Do babies poop in the womb?

A baby's first poop called 'meconium,' generally comes the first day of birth. Pooping isn't impossible though, especially, if the baby is under immoderate stress, or is overdue.

6) Do they fart in the womb?

Don't be surprised if your husband skips this question since he is about to welcome a potty-talk partner in crime.

At term, a baby can pass his poop in the amniotic fluid. So, you cannot hear him farting, but theoretically, he is farting in the womb.

7) Do they sleep in the womb?

According to the Science20, around the 28th week of the development of a fetus, the first rapid eye movements can be detected. After that, the baby will spend his life in the womb cycling between REM and non-REM sleep as well as quiet-awake and alert-awake cycles. Alert-awake is the time when the baby kicks you!

8) Can they dream in the womb?

Understandably, it's a tough question to answer. Although science has made some exceptional advancements in studying a fetus's states of sleep, there are a few things that need more thorough research.

Since our dreams occur during REM sleep, possibly, he can also dream in the womb. However, what he dreams about may stay a mystery.

9) Do babies bond?

Those nine months a baby spent listening to you croon while wrapped in your warmth has prepared him to develop the warm fuzzies for you. It is the reason that from birth, he/she starts recognizing your voice and is comforted by your touch.

10) Do they smile in the womb?

You might not have felt great after knowing that your baby can cry in the womb. However, take hope in the fact that he can smile as well.

Around 26 weeks, babies in the womb show a variety of facial expression in the uterus, and one of them is most certainly a smile.

Luckily, if in your ultrasound test images you see a smile, take a mental picture of it (or technologies can capture it for you, and apps like BabyFlix can enable you to share your ultrasound images and videos with your family and friends.) because you may not b able to see your smile again until next 8-10 weeks after birth.