5 New Ideas for an Epic Gender Reveal

If you’re a couple who wants to know your baby’s gender, then a gender reveal party/announcement can be a fun way to gather friends and family to share in the news, build excitement, and gather your community. When it comes to the big moment, there are a ton of ideas out there, some tried and true. We’ve hand-selected some ideas that we haven’t seen before to help you keep things fresh and perfectly in tune with your growing family’s style. 
Unleash everyone’s inner kid 
Parents-to-be wear all white to the gender reveal party, while providing their guests with paint guns stocked with the appropriate color. When it comes time to spill the beans, guests fire away, showering their hosts in either pink or blue! And be sure to have someone on camera duty for this moment. As you can see in this example, the results are spectacular!
Play the gender lottery
Not keen on hosting a big party? Skip it and let your friends and family play the gender reveal lottery! These scratch-off cards sold on Etsy are a sweet and simple way to share the news via snail mail. Or, if you wanted to, you could incorporate these into a get-together and give the guests who hit the “jackpot” a prize for guessing correctly. 
Jump on the bath bomb trend
These rubber duckies sit atop a white bath bomb, which will fizz and turn water pink or blue once it’s tossed in. Gather your guests around and let them watch in suspense as you add your ducky to a bowl of water. In about one minute--voila! The gender is revealed. 
Gather ‘round the campfire
Hosting your party on a cool summer evening or a brisk fall afternoon? This idea is the perfect excuse to gather around a cozy fire. Add in a color-changing chemical and watch the flames dance either blue or pink. And don’t forget to have some blue or pink marshmallows on hand for s’mores and roasting afterwards!
Share it live with BabyFlix
Why wait to share the gender of your baby with your closest family and friends when you can invite them to find out with you? Simpy schedule your ultrasound scan with an ultrasound provider utilizing BabyFlix's proprietary technology and your ultrasound scan -- and gender reveal -- can be broadcasted live to the family and friends you've invited to watch. 
Planning your gender reveal? We'd love to hear how you're planning to share the news with your loved ones.