8 Stages of Pregnancy Every Mom Should Know

Most of people think of pregnancy as having three stages, a.k.a. the three trimesters. Women who have been through pregnancy, childbirth and the early days with a newborn, however, will tell you there's really more like eight different stages of pregnancy. These “stages” align with the wide range of emotions and feelings you experience while building a tiny human inside you. 
1. Excitement
When you first find out that you’re pregnant, you can’t resist sharing it with everyone you know. The excitement is boundless, as knowing you’re expecting a child is among the best news you’ll ever have to share. During this stage, you feel upbeat and elated. BabyFlix makes it easy to share during this stage. With our free App, your baby's earliest images are always at your fingertips. 
2. Fear
Women have so many fears during pregnancy. Depending on your health and personal situation, certain fears may be more prevalent than others. Fear of miscarriage is the most prevalent. Some women fear that they are unprepared to be mothers. Remember that these are fears every expectant mom goes through. It’s perfectly normal and healthy to feel fear and worry, as long as you don’t bottle them up and let them consume your attention. 
3. Nausea
This stage hits most women hard right around three weeks into their pregnancy. For some, morning sickness pops up throughout their entire pregnancy. It’s exhausting and uncomfortable, but again, you’re not alone in your discomfort. Talk to your doctor to make sure your symptoms are within the realm of normal and don’t require special care. 
4. Nothing to Wear
You've reached the point that your pre-pregnancy clothes don't fit, but you’re not far enough along to wear maternity clothes. People stare at you, awkwardly trying to figure out whether you’re pregnant or just put on a few pounds. The ackwardness fizzles out when your belly starts to fill out the maternity clothes and you can proudly display your baby bump. 
5. Joy
The most soothing of all the stages, joy hangs around for about a month in the middle of your second trimester. People no longer mistake your baby bump for belly fat. You’ve found your center of gravity in your new body and don’t stumble into things quite as often. Nausea has subdued enough that you can eat normally without the urge to throw up. The excitement exceeds any discomfort that comes from growing another human.
6. Annoyance
As your belly grows and your body prepares for childbirth, it's normal for everything to get uncomfortable. Your favorite sleep positions are no longer comfortable, and you have trouble sleeping through the night. Meanwhile, your partner sleeps soundly and is as fit as ever, which feels unfair and irritating. By carefully monitoring your feelings and reaching out for help from loved ones, you can make it through this stage without lashing out. 
7. “I don’t want to do this ever again”
Toward the end of your pregnancy, you may feel as if every part of your body is swollen or in pain. Backaches and limited bladder control are among the most painful and potentially embarrassing symptoms. You remind yourself that the baby will be so worth the discomfort in the end, but you also promise yourself that you’ll never go through this again. 
8. “I want to do this again!”
They say nothing can prepare you for parenthood, and it’s true. Holding your child in your arms for the first time is an indescribable experience. You’ve delivered a tiny, healthy baby who is the most precious creature on the earth. Eventually, the thought of becoming a mother again will surely surface. You managed one pregnancy; surely you can make it through another!