Beyond The Baby Shower: New Ideas for Celebrating Baby’s Arrival

If you’re feeling like a traditional baby shower isn’t quite your style, or if you’re looking for something more intimate, a bunch of new creative ideas have popped up on the social scene lately to celebrate baby’s arrival. Every mom-to-be deserves to be celebrated in a way that feels genuine and aligned to who she is, and with these ideas, we think you can find the perfect celebration to honor you and your new baby.


Sip and See


A Sip and See is a gathering held two to eight weeks after baby’s arrival at the new parents’ home for a close circle of family and friends, which gives them the chance to meet baby and swoon over just how positively perfect he or she is. We love that this event allows the new parents to invite family and friends to meet the baby on their terms and all at one time, which can help avoid any overwhelm or unwanted (though well-meaning) visits from loved ones earlier on. It’s also a fun occasion for the new parents to get a little dolled up and have some social interaction.


Sip and Sees tend to be a smaller gathering than a baby shower, with only close family and friends invited. Light refreshments are what make up the “sip” part, and gifts for welcoming the new baby are completely optional.


Baby Sprinkle


Baby Sprinkles are the more low-key version of baby showers and are used to celebrate moms welcoming their second or third baby. The idea is that mom usually has everything she needs from the first baby, so gifts are more focused on refreshing day-to-day supplies (diapers, baby wipes) and can also be more personalized -- think monogrammed items for the baby or personalized books. Another sweet touch is to bring gifts that incorporate the older siblings and celebrate their new role as big brother or sister.


The best part? This party comes with a built-in theme! There’s a wide variety of super cute sprinkle-themed decor out there, and of course, the inspiration is endless when it comes to sweet treats.


A Mother’s Blessing


Based on a Navajo tradition called a “blessing way”, a Mother’s Blessing is a celebration with ceremonial roots that focuses on honoring mom before she gives birth. The whole idea is to bless mom with lots of love, encouragement, and strength so that she is emotionally and physically ready to embark on her birth journey.


A Mother’s Blessing is an intimate gathering with some ceremonial aspects to how the event unfolds. Typically an altar or sacred space is created (think candles, flowers, or anything that is considered precious and sacred to the expectant mom). The mother-to-be sits at the center with her guests gathered around her. Guests may be asked to bring two things: a bead that symbolizes fertility, and a poem, scripture, prayer, or quote about motherhood that they would like to share with the mom-to-be. As each guest in the circle shares her saying, the beads are strung together for the mom-to-be to wear during labor.




A new trend is for moms-to-be to take Mommymoons -- a getaway with her girlfriends before baby arrives! This can be a great way to bond with girlfriends before life becomes consumed with a new baby. Plus, it injects some fun into a mom-to-be’s social calendar during pregnancy, and can be something to look forward to when symptoms have her feeling blue.


The options to execute the perfect Mommymoon are endless, from spa trips and beach vacations to low-key movie nights or decked-out sleepovers in the mom-to-be’s or a friend’s home.


Dadchelor Party


Dad-to-be deserves a celebration, too, after all, his life is about to change just as much with a baby’s arrival. Popular now are Dadchelor Parties, where the dad-to-be gathers with his guy friends for one big hurrah before baby arrives. Destination Dadchelor Parties to Vegas, fishing trips, or a get-together at his favorite pub are all options on the table.


Some dads-to-be really commit to theme by having their friends bring a pack of diapers to cover the keg or partaking in baby bottle beer drinking contests. A word to the wise: just make sure he plans it a month or more before the due date, so he’s not in danger of being out-of-town when baby decides to arrive!


Do any of these ideas excite you more than a Baby Shower? What’s your perfect idea of celebrating baby’s arrival?