Breastfeeding Resources

In the United States, the entire month of August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month. The month-long campaign is designed to support breastfeeding moms with educational resources, community support, and special offers.
To help support your breastfeeding journey, we’ve compiled a list of resources to help answer your questions and provide you solutions for common breastfeeding challenges. Read on to learn more.
Get Comfortable
1. Find a Comfortable Position
Finding a comfortable breastfeeding position will help prevent a bad latch and help your baby get as much milk as possible with each feeding. If you haven’t found a breastfeeding position that feels right for you and your baby, this comprehensive guide on Breastmilk Counts can help.
2. Consider a Breastfeeding Pillow
A little extra support can go a long way when your nursing your little one. There are many types of breastfeeding pillows on the market. If the one that you received at your baby shower is not working, consider trying a different nursing pillow. With the amount of time you’ll spend breastfeeding in the first few months, it’ll be worth the investment. 
3. Invest in a Good Nursing Bra
Consider getting fitted professionally so you can find the bra that will work for you. Just like the bras you wore prior to getting pregnant, bras can fit very differently. A properly fitted bra will help you feel good and provide your breasts the support they need.
Care for Sore Nipples
Sore nipples are very common with breastfeeding moms. Typically caused by a bad latch, there are many remedies for sore and cracked nipples as well as ways to help prevent it. 
1. Apply Lanolin
Many doctors and lactation consultants recommend applying 100% USP modified lanolin preparation such as Lansinoh's.
2. Try a Natural Remedy
- Apply Freshly Expressed Breast Milk: Wash your hands before gently applying a few drops of breast milk to your nipples. Allow to air dry before covering up. 
 - Warm Compress: Apply a warm, damp compress to sore nipples. Gentle pat dry.
- Salt Bath: Mix half a teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of warm water. Soak nipples in this solution for one minute. Gently pat dry.
Milk Supply Concerns
Many women worry that their babies are not getting enough milk. In some cases, this is true. If you suspect that you have a low milk supply, it’s important to get help to find out if you really do have a problem. A lactation consultant can evaluate how your baby drinks during each session and create a treatment plan specifically for you. 
There are many ways to try to increase milk supply on your own, from increased pumping to changes in your diet. This comprehensive guide on The Bump can help you get started. 
Get Help
It’s important to remember that breastfeeding is not supposed to hurt. If you are having a hard time, we strongly recommend getting help from a lactation consultant, either online or in person. There are many educational resources and online communities who can help. Here are a few to help you get started:
The International Lactation Consultant Association can help you find a lactation consultant near you.
Are you an experienced breastfeeding mom? We’d love to know what resources were helpful for you.