Look and Feel Your Best with These Pregnancy Beauty Tips

As you may have discovered early in your first trimester, pregnancy often requires lifestyle changes. From diet to workouts to bedtimes, many women have to make adjustments to make sure they are taking the best possible care of themselves and their babies. While you’re making these healthy adjustments, don’t overlook your beauty regimen.   

In this post, we answer expectant moms’ common beauty questions and offer tips for enhancing your pregnancy glow.

What to do about stretch marks

Counter stretch marks with body oil. Apply body oil liberally right after showering, while your skin is slightly damp. Slather it everywhere on your body, but focus on the breasts, belly, thighs, and hips. It will instantly free you from that tight, itchy feeling that usually occurs during the second trimester. It will also improve the elasticity of your skin if used consistently. Continued use is the key to keeping your skin tout during and after your pregnancy.

Nix under-eye darkness with hydration

Bags under eyes? You can thank water retention for that. Fortunately, the fix for those annoying under eye bags is pretty simple and straightforward: drink plenty of water. The more water you drink, the less you retain under your eyes (and your ankles too).

For a quick fix - lay two chilled potato slices over your peepers for at least ten minutes. It will tamp down the puffiness under the eyes. Follow with a light-reflecting concealer for bright and shiny eyes.

Combat acne softly

Thanks to an increase in your hormones, your glands may be in overdrive. To keep acne at bay, use a mild cleanser twice a day. Applying anything scrubby or too stripping can cause inflamed skin. Next, moisturize your skin with an oil-free lotion as any dryness signals the body to produce more oil.

If acne persists, treat breakouts with tea tree oil or talk to your doctor about using a sulfur-based product. Still need help? Consult your dermatologist about safe, topical alternatives.

Highlight your Aassets

Gorgeous Locks

Did you ever notice that pregnant women have luscious locks? Their thicker, longer hair is due to an increase in progesterone, which helps hair grow faster and makes it less likely to fall out. The hormonal changes during the second trimester that cause hair growth can also cause dryness so it’s a good idea to scale back on heat styling.

As for an age-old question about hair dying: most doctors say that it's perfectly safe to dye your hair during pregnancy. For an added precaution, opt for a vegetable-based or ammonia-free dye. :

Healthy Nails

During pregnancy, nails grow faster than usual too. To avoid the chemicals used in many nail polishes and nail salons, skip your regular manicures. Instead, to keep your nail tips groomed, use a buffer and a non-toxic top coat treatment.

Just like with diet, exercise and sleep, a few simple changes can help make a big difference in how you look and most importantly, how you feel during your pregnancy. Enjoy this amazing journey and remember that happy moms are beautiful moms!

Happy pregnancy and follow these natural beauty tips to spread your charm with a beautiful, pregnancy belly.