A Rendezevous With The Most Advanced Ultrasound Technologies



Like 3D & 4D, you can virtually see your baby's features. Moreover, the quality of images is much smoother, accurately detailed, and lifelike as compared to 3D ultrasound images. Besides that, the other groundbreaking quality of this technology is a sort of "virtual flashlight." A virtual flashlight is used to improve the outlook of the images by moving it around until the image has got the best "light" possible.

4D Ultrasound:

This disruptive technology lets you experience watching the baby inside the womb. If a baby has a large pocket filled with amniotic fluid around his face, is moving around, and is developed considerably, this technology can provide you with great, short video clips of your ultrasound. Usually, the clips are typically less than a minute in duration.

3D Ultrasound:

In this type of ultrasound, you can see the tissues of the baby, which look like a real picture. Even the roundness of the baby's face, the shape of the nose, and contours of the face is viewable in 3D ultrasound. However, the color used in the image is not the baby's actual color, in fact, it's enhanced by the computer to make it more appealing in looks. If a 3D ultrasound is done later in pregnancy, the baby is developed and look more like she/he will at birth.

2D Ultrasound:

Mostly, people are familiar with the traditional Black & White ultrasounds that have been around for more than 20 years. They usually come in use to determine the gender of babies and produce a skeletal picture (outline) of a baby. Basically, doctors use this type of ultrasound to perform a DIAGNOSTIC ultrasound. And, you can also see the baby moving.

2D ultrasound is still one of the best technology being used to gather measurements of a baby and ensure that the baby's development is happening as expected.

Looking For An App to Deliver Your Ultrasound on Your Smartphone:  

Whatever type of ultrasound you may choose, you can always have the ultrasound images received directly on your phone through the innovative service offered by BabyFlix. Additionally, if you have a DVD of your ultrasound and want it converted into a short, memorable movie clip, just visit BabyFlix and rest is done by us. Just upload the DVD to the website by making a profile account on it, and see how magically we transform the ultrasound DVD into a montage of moving visuals.

A few tips when going for your ultrasound:  

If you want your baby to move during gender revelation or 3D ultrasound, eat foods that contain high levels of sugar about 30 to 60 minutes before your ultrasound appointment. It's because your baby could be asleep if you haven't been keeping track of his sleep patterns. The natural Fructose found in fruits can wake up your baby and make him move while it's time for the close-up!

You can eat fruits like cherries, bananas, figs, dates, and pomegranates. Oranges and apples would also do the work, but only if you don't get the other fruits. If this fails to get your baby moving- try eating chocolate, take a short walk or stretch around.