Winter-Inspired Baby Names: 16 Gorgeous Options

Seeking inspiration from the seasons can be a fun and worthwhile pursuit when you’re still searching for your baby’s name. We love the earthy quality of many of these Winter-inspired baby names, which range from feeling warm and bright to cool and clear. Though we’ve split them into boy and girl categories, we find that many of them fit both. At the very least, we hope these names can help shake up your current list if you and your partner find yourselves in a rut and have yet to find anything that really strikes you. 
For Girls
1. Lumi
You may associate this name to light, as in luminous or the luminary lanterns on display during the holidays, but it actually means snow in Finnish. A great candidate if you love names like Snow or Winter, but want something a little less on-the-nose. 
2. North
Yes, just like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s little girl. Of course, you may not be too keen on your little one having the same name as a celebrity baby, but surprisingly, this name hasn’t really taken off as much as you would think. According to 2018 statistics, only about 2 babies per million have this name. 
3. Ivy
Perhaps a poetic and subtle nod to the fact that your baby will be a constant source of life and light during any weather or season of life, just like the ivy plant’s deep, green leaves, which persist throughout the winter months.
4. Ember
An alternative to Amber that conjures up those same ideas of warmth and light that we associate with the season. But beware, you and your child may be correcting everyone that their name is “Ember, not Amber” a little more often than you like. 
5. Haven
Another name that inspires a sense of warmth and coziness. It means a place of safety and refuge, and we love its uniqueness. No wonder it’s quickly gaining popularity. It’s currently the 294th most popular girl baby name for 2018. 
6. Juniper
There’s some debate around the origins of this name. It’s either taken directly from the juniper tree or is a possible derivation from the Welsh name Guinevere. Either way, we love the name’s association to an evergreen that stands strong and green all year round. 
7. Noelle
From the French noël, which means Christmas. This name is an obvious choice for little ones who arrive close to Christmastime. We love its reminder of the beauty and elegance of the holiday season. 
8. Neva
Like the first name on our list, Neva also means snow and makes a great choice if you’re looking for a beautiful name that has a less obvious association to the colder months. Neva is a derivative of the Latin nivis for snow; nevada, in Spanish, means snow-covered. And, fun fact, it’s also the name of a major river in Russia. 
For Boys
1. Aspen
Both a ski destination and a white-barked tree with heart-shaped leaves, the winter associations to this name are pretty obvious, but we love this name and the masses do, too. It peaked in 2012, but it’s still pretty high up on the popularity list this year. It’s commonly found as both a boy’s and girl’s name.
2. Whittaker
We love the timeless sound of this name. Though it’s a common last name, it carries a quiet strength as a first name, which might be perfect for your courageous little one. Whittaker means “white field.”
3. Vale 
Reminiscent of yet another ski resort (but spelled differently than Vail, Colorado), Vale’s popularity has been dropping in recent years. Still, we find it has a cool edge to it that makes us think of colder months and wintry adventures. Another name that works well for both boys and girls. 
4. Colden
This name certainly makes a statement -- it’s like the wintry cousin of names like Cole, Colby, and Colton. It’s meaning in Old English is “dark valley.” An alternate spelling to note is Coldin. 
5. Yule 
Yule comes from Yuletide, the name of the Winter Solstice festival that was historically celebrated by many Germanic peoples. It also used to be a Scottish and English nickname for anyone born on Christmas Day. 
6. Jasper
Literally meaning “bringer of treasure” or “treasurer,” Jasper is believed to have Persian roots and may be associated with the three wise men. Bonus: your child will have the option of going by the nickname, “Jaz,” which we find adorable. 
7. Aster
Aster comes from the Greek word for “star,” which is asteri. It’s a subtle way to incorporate an iconic symbol of the holiday season -- the star that appears in many religious stories. This is another example of a name that works well for both boys and girls. 
8. Crispin
Though you probably immediate associate this name with the word “crisp,” its Latin origin actually means “curly-haired.” Still, we love the clear, brisk feeling of this name. And it has a lot of nickname potential: from the common name Cris, to more unique options like Kip and Pip. 
What wintry names are on your list right now?