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8 Cool Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy To Your Parents


Announcing your big news is one of the most sincere, memorable, and just plain fun parts of pregnancy. After you tell your life partner, the next people you’ll tell about it are your parents. The exciting part is figuring out how you’re going to share the news with your parents, friends, and loved ones.

Here are some cute, funny, and totally creative ways to break the news to your parents when you are ready to announce your pregnancy.

The bun in the oven:

Let your parents open your oven to find out a bun 'cooking.' It is one of the most classic ways to announce your pregnancy. Though, rather than just putting any hamburger bun in your oven, go one step ahead and put your choice of bun recipe while your parents are visiting.

While rolling out the dough, make sure you mark two buns with a "B," and they should be placed at the front of the baking tray, facing the oven door. When they're cooked, let your parents open the door of the oven. And remember to photograph the reveal!

Announce it with BabyFlix:

One of the unique ways to tell your parents that you're going to be a mother soon is by using services offered by the BabyFlix app. It allows you to share your Ultrasound pictures and video with your family and friends anywhere anytime. Not to mention with BabyFlix Live streaming & On-Demand functionality you can share anywhere in the world. Already have your Baby’s ultrasound on DVD?  No problem upload to us with the all new BabyFlix DVD Connect.

Music to the ears:

If you aren't ready to reveal your pregnancy in person, you can send a recording of your baby's heartbeats to your parents. Or, call and drop a voicemail with the message, "someone special wants to meet you in nine months."

Reveal it on BabyFlix:

Making you pregnancy public with a BabyFlix Movie, it is the trend these days. So let’s share with your parents!  Let them know you have a Wonderful new life on the way.

Other ideas;

Revealing it through a grocery list:

Invite your parents for dinner to your house, when they come, ask them to run to the grocery store to pick up a few things.

Give them a list of nothing but ice cream, pickles, and 'baby food' - baby carrots, baby peas, baby spinach, etc. Make sure they see the list before they leave. Otherwise, you might have grocery items you don't need.    

Game night:

Arrange a game and reveal that you're pregnant during a fun period of Charades or Pictionary. When it's your turn, start crafting a drawing and build on it until you've sketched a mom-to-be.  

Apart from this, if you happen to be a scrabble family, write "I'm expecting" either on your say or over the course of the game.   

Make a cup of tea or two

Ask the parents-to-be for a cup of coffee or tea. However, rather than pouring their ideal brew, give them mugs with a message on the bottom of the inside,"you're going to be grandparents." You can think of other lines that can ignite the right emotions at the moment.

Outline the message with a permanent marker, or use an untouched mug that your parents can keep as a keepsake.

Pronounce it on a T-shirt

If you don't like the idea of revealing it through a mug, announce it with a t-shirt. Present your parents each a T-shirt with a creative pregnancy announcement message or image announcing your pregnancy.

Extend the time of surprise by wrapping the T-shirt in a wrapping paper, then keep it in a box that is in another box or two. You parents may get annoyed or frustrated with this, but all the unwrapping the do will be worth eventually.


Also, sometimes it doesn't require to go all out to make your pregnancy great. You can surprise your parents by arranging letter magnets on your fridge, to say you're expecting.  Or, when you are at their place, leave a card on their nightstand that announces the news - they'll find it out when they go to bed.