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Mood swings are common for most women during pregnancy.  Here is a video that describes how to cope with yours to get through your pregnancy.

Here is a collection of some of the funniest pregnancy announcements and announcement reactions. Enjoy!

Youre pregnant! Time to start taking those pre-natal vitamins. Which do you chose? What do they do? And why is it so important to take them? Parents TVs Anne Ebeling talks to an OB-GYN for the 411 on pre-natal vitamins.

Morning sickness is the nauseated feeling you experience in your first trimester. It usually starts out in the morning and wears off as you become active throughout your day. This is a good place to start when looking for morning sickness relief.

At the end of pregnancy, sleeping is incredibly different and here is a simple solution to rolling over that doesn't require all of the motivation and momentum (AND it relieves the strain on you and pressure on your lower back, major blood vessels, pelvis, and bladder). 

This is an informative video narrated by a midwife on baby movements -

As a woman enters pregnancy she may have questions about how much weight gain is expected and safe.

The birth of your baby should be one of the most memorable, life-changing and joyful experiences of your life. You will want to spend time thinking through the details of your hopes and desires for this special event.

For some women, "the huge hormonal, physical and psychological shifts" that happen during pregnancy may put her at increased risk for depression, anxiety

It’s perfectly normal to feel some nerves in the third trimester, particularly if it’s your first pregnancy. Chances are, life has slowed down.You may be on maternity leave and feeling less mobile. You may have more time for your mind to wander and obsess on what could go wrong.